Relationship Nurse LaDonna Wright

LaDonna Wright is a Registered Nurse, Relationship Expert and Entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Shared Sweat LLC one of world’s leading providers of relationship products and services.

LaDonna is a loyal wife and the mother of six children. She is from Madison, Wisconsin.

As a former Hospice Nurse she helped thousands of patients and families cope and live their last days in comfort and with dignity. As a Relationship Expert she is passionate about helping men experience healthier relationships and lifestyles. She believes that when a man knows his purpose and has his desired relationships in his life that he is truly happy and unstoppable! She gives to many charitable organizations such as the Prostate Cancer Foundation and National Alliance on Mental Illness.

She is a born leader, she is sexy, she is passionate, and she likes to have fun! She is the creator of the best-selling adult game Secret VII! She is “The Relationship Nurse"

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